How to place your add in 6 steps

If you haven't taken an annual subscription, you automatically become a 'free member'. This means that your add is already online, but only your B&B name and contact details will be shown. In order to have your B&B appear of full value on the website, follow these instructions:

  • Go to "my profile" to complete all data. If you don't want reservations or other contacts through email, you uncheck the checkbox at the bottom.
  • Click on "B&B" and fill in all fields about your B&B as well as possible. Please note that all fields in 'description' and 'terms of lease' must be translated. If you're not qualified to translate this yourself, we offer you our services at a very inexpensive rate: click here.
  • Next, go to the menu "rooms" and click on "add" to add a room plus photo.
  • Then, click on "calendar" to update your calendar of availability. Please do this regularly in order to give the visitors of BBguide an accurate overview of the amount of days available to book.
  • After accomplishing all this, click on the link "Status". On this page, you get a summary of the different subscriptions we offer you. In order to have your B&B appear of full value on the website, please choose one of these and pay by bank transfer or through the online payment system Paypal.
  • When your subscription comes to an end and the final date is exceeded, you automatically become a 'free member' again. One week before the final date of your subscription, you automatically receive a message through email with an invitation to extend your membership.
Is it hard to place and maintain my B&B?

We tried to keep the system as simple as possible so that you don't need training or a course.

If there's anything not clear, please let us know. In that case we get the chance to complete the contents of this helpdesk. We'd like to hear your comments or remarks to improve the system.

Does BBguide adjust in the name of the owner or the visitor?

Neither. BBguide offers visitors the possibility to find a nice Bed and Breakfast. The contact takes place between visitor and the B&B owner, like yourself, without the intervention or mediation of BBguide.

Where can I go with my questions?

<< Please try and find the answers to your questions here before contacting us.>>

Both for questions you can't find an answer to as for remarks/suggestions, you can always contact us through the question blank.

Rates – Packages

What's the difference between the different subscriptions?

Click on the menu "Status". There you get a summary explaining the differences between the subscriptions we offer you.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer or through the online payment system (credit card) PayPal.

Through PayPal : At the bottom of the page "Status": click on "Pay now"
Through PayPal : Account: 401-3019251-47 ( kbc )
Moleneinde 63
2290 Vorselaar
IBAN-number: IBAN BE22 4013 0192 5147
BIC/Swift number: KREDBEBB
What is Paypal?

PayPal is the international leader in the field of online payment, with more than 105 million accounts. PayPal guarantees easy, fast and safe payments, from 55 counties and in 6 different currencies.

On the pages of E-bay you can find more information in Dutch about the use and the advantages. These pages can be found here.

The method of payment is very easy:

  • You fill in your name and address of shipping.
  • You fill in your credit card number, email address and phone number.
  • After checking the information, you have the possibility of creating an account immediately to do your future payments faster. (This is optional)

Please make sure you click on the link to return to BBguide after payment through PayPal, your order will then be dealt with correctly.

How long does it take for my add to appear?

As soon as we receive the amount through bank transfer, we'll adapt your account as soon as possible to have it appear up to the mark on our site. Please take a waiting period of about 3 days after payment into account. When paying through PayPal, your account will be adapted immediately.

Do I get sent an invoice?

After transferring the amount, you get sent an invoice through email. The invoice is made in pdf format and can be opened and printed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click on the following link to download Adobe Reader:


What's a Link Partner?

B&B owners who have their own website get an extra 20€ discount for an annual subscription, if they put a banner on their site with a link to

The only condition is that the link remains on the site during the year in which the B&B is in our database. If this link is removed without informing BBguide and after receiving the discount, there won't be given a discount again. These links are automatically and regularly checked. The only condition to become a link partner is to have your own website. It doesn't matter which subscription (Standard, Premium, Gold) you choose. This discount is given on all packages.

I want to become a Link Partner of BBguide, what do I do?

If you're not a Standard/Premium/Gold member yet, the procedure is simple.

This is the procedure if you haven't subscribed yet:

  • Place a banner of your choice which you can find here on your website (homepage). If you're not capable of placing a banner on your site, please notify your webmaster or click here.
  • Go to "my profile" and place a direct link to the banner in the field "link partner" (for example:
  • Then, go to the link "Status". On this page, you can let us know that you wish to become a link partner.

If you've already paid, you can always place a banner, but you only receive this discount the following year. It's not possible to claim the discount.

Availability Calendar

Should I keep pace with the calendar of availability?

It's completely up to you whether or not you keep pace with the calendar of availability. To avoid misunderstandings, we advise you to synchronize your agenda with this calendar regularly.

If you are a Premium or a Gold member, you can choose whether you want your calendar of availability to appear on the page "last minutes". Please make this known on "my profile". On this page, visitors immediately get an overview of all places where there are still rooms available in the next 30 days and whether there's a discount adjudged. You can also fill in this discount yourself in "my profile".

It's in your interest that you keep your calendar of availability up to date regularly.


How many photos can I add?

You're allowed to add 4 photos of your B&B.

We advise you to add a photo of the outside of your B&B on a sunny day as a first picture, in the link "B&B – pictures". The first impression is most important. The first photo appears on the page of results.
Per room, you can add 1 photo of the room itself.

Premium and Gold members have the opportunity to upload 12 extra photos through the menu "Photo Gallery". (This service isn't available for free/standard members.)

I can't seem to upload a photo.

Two points of attention:

  • You can only upload photos with extensions jpg / gif / png.
  • The size of a photo can't be larger than 300 KBs. The smaller the picture, the faster it's uploaded.
Why don't my new photos appear?

Try 'Ctrl' and 'F5' when you see your old photo. Your browser will renew the page. In most cases, this solves the problem.

Other services


BBguide is a site which is looked at from countries all over Europe, and even outside of Europe. That's why it's advisable to introduce your B&B in different languages. At this moment, you can visit our site in Dutch, French and English. The languages will be expanded in the future.

In some cases, B&B owners have a website which is already translated in different languages. If this isn't the case for you, don't worry. BBguide co-operates with professional translators who can translate the content (small-large description of your B&B / description of rooms / route description) fast and correctly for you.

What's the procedure to pass on a translation:

  • Find the text that needs to be translated (texts, description, terms of lease, rooms)
  • Copy the text that needs to be translated in a Word document and place your B&B data on top of the document
  • Mail us the document (>) with the title translation NL – FR – ENG or if you only need one language: NL – FR
  • Transfer the indebted amount (through account transfer, PayPal isn't possible yet for translations.
  • The translation will be sent to you within 2-3 days, so that you can copy this in the site
  • You will be sent an invoice through email.

Rate : 35 Euro per language (VAT included)

Note: - You're free to take over these translations later on in your personal website.)

- If you don't want any translations, please don't leave the fields of description empty!